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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Shedd Aquarium 2014

Shedd Aquarium 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Rachel

Rachel turned 3 yrs old today. Where does the time go?
She is so excited!! Yes, when Rachel was asked what she wanted for her birthday she said "tires".
Steve is trying to assemble her 4 wheeler while Rachel keeps adjusting the hub caps on her tires. She is eagerly watching and keeps saying "come on I want to drive it!"  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Little Miss Independent

Rachel had her short leg casts removed this past Thursday at the orthotist's office in Chicago. 
All ready to go- I love how Rachel says Chicago! In the two weeks time since the red casts were placed Rachel went from only a few independent steps to holy terror step mode. 
She became a blur on most of the pictures I tried to take of her. This girl must have made a long list of places she was going to go and things she was going to get into while recovering from surgery. 
We bought 2 more tennis rackets and several tennis balls in an effort to bring more activity into family time. We are comical to watch as all of us need great improvement in the tennis playing department. Luckily, for us Rachel loves chasing and picking up tennis balls. The pint sized princess took over my racket. She is pretty good considering the racket is nearly the same length as she is- then of course I am biased. 
I finally convinced the family to let me stop and take a picture of the giant chia head outside of the Mars chocolate factory on Oak Park Avenue. Meg was the only one brave enough to get out and walk with me to the giant chia head. (Let me tell you - the grass in front of the factory is very plush! I can see what my M&M addiction was paying for. It is the kind of grass that makes you wish you were young enough to go rolling across it without getting arrested or taken off in the paddy wagon). The Mars chocolate factory is located directly on the other side of Shriners Hospital - separated by railroad tracks. Each time we drive by it the girls and I argue about the chia head. I say "chia head" and they say "Rhianna"- Steve knows better than to get into the arguement considering he is the only guy in the group sitting in a vehicle filled with estrogen in front of a chocolate factory.
We were alittle (2 hrs) early for Rachel's appointment. We made our traditional stop in the Oak Park district. Above is Rachel sitting on the side of the Oak Park Library. This library looks amazing! One day I would love to explore it. 
Rachel changed her mind about getting her casts removed once she saw the cast saw. The orthotist who took care of her was very good and he had the casts off quickly.
Rachel's right foot
Rachel's left foot. These were some stinky feet! I was desperate to get her home and bathe her. 
Rachel didn't care about the stink. She was too eager to get a pair of shoes on and had requested to have her toe nails painted. She also wanted me to give her toes kisses. I opted to do this after she had clean socks on.
Her right foot is slightly swollen yet. While waiting for the orthotist to make some final adjustments to her braces we witnessed Rachel have increased ankle movement in her right foot from the movement she had prior to surgery. Not so much movement with the left ankle noted but you could see her concentrating hard to move anything on her left foot. 
New braces!!! She was alittle wobbly at the orthotist's office but improved greatly while waiting to be seen at Shriners. She was not going to sit still there - I love that she knows where to find her favorite places at Shriners. 
Walking at Shriners! Dream come true! 
Thank you Dr. Altiok! You have given our daughter beautiful bracable feet! With the talent of your hands you have given her one of the greatest gifts she could ever receive - the chance to walk to her ability! Much love and respect from our family to you Dr. Altiok and to your team!