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Foot Pedal Riser for Radio Flyer Tricycle

Grandpa Bill made Rachel a set of foot pedal risers for her tricycle. She is about an inch too short without the risers. (Supply list is based on already having a jigsaw)

Supplies Needed
1 inch thick  pine wood- a piece big enough to cut out 2 risers (each riser is 2.5 inches long X 3 inches wide)
Sand paper
Velcro straps (the ones in the pictures are left over pieces we had- after I sew some ribbon onto them I will add the measurements)

Grandpa Bill had traced the outline of the original foot pedals on the tricycle for his template. He used his template to cut out 2 risers. You could do the same for your little ones tricycle. Rachel's a radio flyer tricycle- for that brand you would need to make an oval shape that measures 2.5 inches long X 3 inches wide. You could vary the height of the wood to accommodate your child's height but the higher the riser becomes the heavier they will be.

He then cut 2 slots on the sides of both risers to pass the Velcro straps through.  Grandpa Bill used sand paper to smooth out any rough edges on the wood.
Bottom view of the foot pedal.
A side view showing the Velcro passing through the bottom of the pedal and the riser.
Top view of the riser.
Another side view.

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