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Parallel Bars

Grandpa Bill made Rachel a set of parallel bars this morning. He is an early riser so I was unable to get pics of the entire process. He is in his late 70's and adores his littlest princess. He is planning on painting her parallel bars pink soon using a non-peeling  non-toxic paint. I am not an engineer by no means so please bare with me on this tutorial. (it may be easiest to build from the bottom up)

Materials Needed

3 - 10 foot long pieces of 1.5" PVC pipe
8 - 1.5" PVC T shaped fittings (sorry I don't know my plumbing terms)
6 - 1.5" PVC elbows

From the 10 foot long sections of PVC pipes cut the following lengths
4 - pieces that are 18" long
3 - pieces that are 22.5" long
4 - pieces that are 4 foot long

This image is of the front/entrance of the parallel bars.
 For the top it appears that he placed 1 "t" fitting on the ends of 2 of the 4 foot long sections.
The two "t" fittings were then connected by placing one of the 18" long pieces of piping between them.
Repeat for the other side of the parallel bars.

For the bottom front  it appears that he connected an elbow onto the "t" fitting.
Between the two elbows he placed one piece of the 22.5" long pipe connecting the parallel bars.
For the back of the parallel bars he repeated placing the "t" fittings to the ends of the 4 foot sections.
He connected the "t" fittings with the remaining 2 pieces of 18" long pipes.
He added elbow fittings onto the "t" fittings. He connected the elbows with the remaining 2 pieces of 22.5" long pipes.
Crazy color pic- sorry I can not use adobe photoshop.
blue = 22.5" pipes
purple = 18" long pipes
yellow = 4 foot long pipes
orange = "t" fittings
green = elbow fittings

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  1. Brilliant. I'm on building for my grandson thanks for the idea