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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's ultrasound


We had one more ultrasound done today to check for any changes before heading out to Vanderbilt. Rachel was very active the entire ultrasound and showing off how she could bring both her knees up to her stomach and then kick them out. That was good to see. Both of her feet are definitely clubbed but it was still nice to see all 10 toes. There was a slight improvement in her Chiari II malformation and again (blessedly) no signs of hydrocephalus and a normal appearing brain. Her femurs continue to be growing at the appropriate rate for the pregnancy also. Rachel did turn over and the doctor was able to get better measurements of spine where the spina bifida is. The lesion does appear to be L4-L5. Both kidneys and her heart appear to be normal also. Steve and I were very happy to hear about her heart appearing normal as this is one of the qualifications for having the fetal surgery done.

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