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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mama Please

Every day I work with Rachel to say "mama please" when she wants more to drink or a small snack or help in general. She has gotten very good at saying "thank you" and "your welcome" but chooses not to say "mama please". Last week I had bought a package of oreo cookies to make dirt cake for Rachel's sisters.I have been working on being healthier since the beginning of the year so there have been very few sweet items being brought into the house. I divided out about 8 oreos for Rachel to eat over the week. She had never had an oreo before and soon learned the word "cookie".It didn't take Rachel long to finish her cookies over the week either. During therapy today she kept saying the word "cookie" and I had to tell her we did not have any. I took Rachel with me to the grocery store later in the day. We went into the cookie aisle (our store keeps the granola bars, juice and oatmeal in the same aisle) to buy more granola bars. I didn't say a word when we entered the aisle but Rachel spotted the oreos immediately and began saying "mama please, mama please, mama please" and pointing to the oreos. Needless to say I left the store with the family sized package of oreos. I am glad to know she has been paying attention. I think she is a smart cookie! When she doesn't know what something is she says "what is this?" We hear "what is this" several times each day. For a 20 month old (18 months adjusted) her vocabulary and ability to name objects amazes me.
Rachel's first big girl pony tail. So cute!
She is getting so big!
Taking her bunnies for a walk. I am going to have the sew that girl some knee pads. She didn't want to stop.
Wearing her coat and her sister's beret she reminds me of the doll strawberry shortcake.

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