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Monday, May 13, 2013

All About the Timing

My timing was way off trying to capture the 2 geese flying in the photo or is it right on? We had been on a family bike ride to Sunburst Ski Hill and back. Steve was pulling Rachel in the bike trailer with Alicia keeping up well. I stayed at a slower and very frustrating pace with Breanne as she did not want to be on a family bike ride. Steve and Alicia made it to Sunburst and turned back around lapping past us. Breanne continued to be stubborn about the bike ride to the point I ended up turning the two of us around without making our goal. Steve and Alicia waited for us to catch back up with them on the way home. We switched older girls and I let Steve and Breanne head home before us. I had been feeling very frustrated at the situation since Breanne is more than capable of out riding all of us but just didn't want to that day. Alicia and I decided to stop on one of the bridges along the bike trail and attempt to take some pictures. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get any of the flying geese centered in the photos. I decided to try one more time, took the shot above and then starting packing away my lens attachment. Alicia was standing next to me- I heard a young child's fearful scream. I remember shoving the lens equipment in Alicia's hands and running at full sprint towards the scream. The child's father was also running at full sprint from the opposite direction. I reached the area of the scream first- there are steep sides along the bike trail- there was a 3-4 yr old little boy caught up in the shrub branches half way down the side with his bicycle stuck under him-his head was falling forward down toward the bottom of the ravine with just one foot sticking out.If those shrub branches were not there to catch him-he would have sustained serious injuries. I worked with the dad to pull the little boy back into safety. He fortunately just had a few scratches and got a lecture from his dad on bike safety. As frustrated as I had been with Breanne earlier perhaps it was meant to be that way - our timing would have been different and I wouldn't have been there to help someone who needed it.
Finally a warm enough day for Rachel to visit the park. She was not a fan of the swing.
Exploring the equipment. Great physical therapy having to climb up.
Rachel was hesitant to crawl through the tunnel initially then you couldn't get her back out of it.
Hmm, mom can't get me when I am in here.
Rachel had a great time playing and exploring at the park.
Rachel loved Clifford and gave him several kisses before we left the park. There was a lot of "dog woof woof clifford" between kisses.
Beautiful flower on a tree at the park.
Rachel's physical therapist added a seat sling to Rachel's walker.
Rachel using her walker. She loved trying to get the bubbles Alicia was blowing.
Go Rachel Go! She is averaging about 20-25 steps each time she uses the walker. She still needs assistance with keeping upright at times. Today Rachel was averaging taking 4 steps at a time before taking a short break and starting up again. She surprised us during physical therapy today also by crawling over to her walker, saying "bubbles", stood up at her walker and took several unassisted steps behind it (using it like an adult walker). She continued to push the walker towards the front door with assistance from her therapist and then we headed outdoors. (Rachel is requesting that her grandma sends her a battery operated bubble blower so she can walk with Mommy without needing a third person to entice her with the bubbles).
Rachel loves playing Grandma Eisen's piano. Tonight she was playing and singing "marshmallow". She discovered a bag of miniature marshmallows last week that Alicia keeps for cooking. I let her try one and she was hooked. I am actually impressed by her being able to say marshmallow at her age not to mention feeling it to be song worthy.

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