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And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Rachel has figured out how to get on top of our kitchen table. She first started out by pushing a blue stool over to a kitchen chair. She would then climb on top of the stool and onto the kitchen chair and proceed on to the top of the table. She now has moved onto skipping the stool altogether and just scaling the kitchen chair right on to the table. She is very fast- the doctors forgot to tell us that "yes spina bifida kids do climb".
Caught her on the computer twice this week.
On Father's Day she sneaked up on the kitchen table. I heard a "mmm good". Rachel had helped herself to a handful of cake that we were in the process of making for Grandpa Bill.
Trying to look innocent while plotting her next adventure on the kitchen table.

Playing cars!
Rachel graduated to having a forward facing car seat at 22 months old. She was not sure what to think of it initially.
Today Rachel tried out a new taller walker with wheels that can swivel or be set straight. She did really well. The last few days she had been using her other walker but refusing to use the seat that was in it. No seat with this one.
Both of the videos below were filmed today. Notice what a difference the new walker makes.
(Forgive me telling her sister to move out of the way in the video- but look and listen to Rachel actually picking up her feet- can't wait to try out the new walker tomorrow with her rotation straps on.)

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