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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

When Rachel turned 3 years old in August she aged out of the Birth to Three program. We began taking Rachel to physical therapy in the clinic setting instead of receiving in our home. 
Going up the ladder
Having fun after going up the ladder
Climbing back down the ladder
A box was made for Rachel to try to stand in while popping bubbles with a racket
Trying hard
Standing strong!
Rachel even tried stepping with these at her insistence-I am trying to find a used pair to buy.
Getting ready to throw the ball

We visited Grandma and Papa up north. Long car ride with the 4 girls but well worth it.
Direct quote from Papa "slow down Rachel, Papa doesn't move that fast!" Love it!!!!!
The older girls looking like they want to find some mischief.
Papa let me take the girls around on one of the 4 wheelers (grandma's-not sure if his was truely in need of repair or he was fearful of my 4 wheeling skills) Rachel is so small. I had to keep my legs up and hold her in place with my knees.
It had been both Meg and Rachel's first time on a 4 wheeler. We love it! Rachel asks almost every morning to go to Papa's and drive the 4 wheeler. 
No trip up north is complete without stopping to listen to the world's greatest song played back to back. Alicia asks Meg- "what is Big John?"  Gotta love Meg's response - "a giant toilet-I don't know"
This was asked prior to arriving.
That is one big tire!
The girls found a giant bear across from Big John (not to be confused with the flushing kind)
We stopped at a wayside park to enjoy some waterfalls.
The pint sized princess was very wiggly here. We will need to stop there again to enjoy a longer time with watching and listening to the waterfalls.
Rachel went to her first Brewers game.
We had fun there as a family. Steve's employer hosted the game as a company event. It was nice to meet some of his coworkers. Alicia, Breanne and I climbed the Mountain Dew rock climbing wall together. Alicia is a rockstar rock climbing wall girl! 
The older girls headed back to school.
Last year of middle school for Bre and Meg.
I need a copy of that rule made to be hung up in mom mobile. 
We enjoyed Labor Day with Steve's family. It was great to see everyone. Grandma with 4 of her 7 granddaughters. Carl needs to start his own restaurant-best ribs ever! 
The kids turned off all electronic devices and had a very competitive game of Clue. Rematch coming up in the near future. They found another anime fan.
We adopted Pepper LD Jackson. He is a 4 month old German shepherd/mountain cur mix. We love his big ears! He has adjusted well into our family. 
Found him cuddled up in what was a clean load of laundry when I got home from work this weekend. The girls had used a baby gait to keep him in the craft room overnight but he had other ideas. Very smart little guy-waited for them to go upstairs then he jumped over the baby gait and proceeded to take a siesta in the clean laundry. He is in training mode with me to be my running companion. I am training to be able to do a half marathon by Valentine's day. Currently I am able to consistently run 6-7 miles and he can do a half mile. 
My selfie with more laundry looming in the background. 

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