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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Surgery recovery


The surgery went well on Tuesday. I do not remember anything after receiving an epidural and breathing in the gas in the mask. We were told everything was straight forward and nothing unexpected occurred. Baby Rachel had turned positions from the time we left my room and got into the OR. When the incision into my uterus was made, Rachel reached her hand out and waved at everyone in the room- they said her hand was a nice pink color showing good circulation. It only took about 15 minutes to close up her spine. By later that night I could feel her kicking again and she had turned positions again.

I will not try to sugar coat anything- the recovery period is really rough. I have an incision with staples from my belly button down to about an inch above my pubic bone. You are given the spinal epidural and general anesthesia- it is hard to take the deep breathes you need to reopen your lungs. I am receiving breathing treatments and working with my incentive spirometer- coughing definitely hurts but you need to cough the junk out of your lungs. Another mom and I had our surgery on the same day but the formula for our general anesthesia was different from what was used previously- while we did not end up with low blood pressure issues- we have increased nausea and difficulties getting the anesthesia out of our systems. We are a few days behind in our recovery than what is normally expected.It is difficult to find comfortable positions in bed that do not pull too much on your incision. It is hard getting in and out of bed. They dc'd the catheter after about 24 hours- which is good because mine was causing a lot of painful bladder spasms. I am still having painful bladder spasms but they are slowing improving. I was able to shower and take 2 walks yesterday. I have been having trouble keeping my eyes open long enough to eat, drink and use my I.S. They decreased my amount of percocet last night due to my inability to stay awake. My head feels like I am constantly drunk- a feeling I despise greatly. IV demerol will never be my friend- I received one dose of that and couldn't lift my head off my pillow- made me very nauseated and uncomfortable. I have rashes everywhere the surgical prep was used and a blister on my back from the band-aid that covered my epidural site when it was removed. After the surgery you have some bleeding and spotting for a few days. Each day my recovery is a roller coaster ride. It is rough and makes you question if you did the right thing. I know it was the right thing to do for Rachel but holy s**t the recovery is hard.

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