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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making Moves

Rachel worked with a large size Pilates ball this week during therapy. She sat on top and held herself upright. When her physical therapist rolled the ball backwards Rachel kept her core strong and stayed upright. She also worked her core on a peanut shaped Pilates ball reaching backwards side to side to pick up blocks off of the floor. I thought she did amazing- I would have fallen off the back of the ball.
My spina bifida cutie!
We put the locks back on Rachel's walker so she can't roll backwards. She walked to the front door.
Tried to push her walker backwards
Then she came up with plan B
Under and out- Rachel's version of the limbo.

Alicia had orchestra camp for a week and is learning how to play the violin. I am excited for her. She is doing really well practicing. I recorded her first concert following orchestra camp for her to see how she is improving as the school year goes on.I am proud of her. Steve plays both the piano and guitar. He has been helping Alicia learn to read notes and he started to teach her how to play Canon in D. They are planning on starting to learn a song to play for everyone at Christmas. Rachel has enjoyed the extra music in the house.
As I am writing this post we are under a heat advisory and it is probably about 90 degrees yet. As warm as it is there are early signs of fall popping up.
Another sign of fall was the older girls getting their school schedules and school pictures done. I had to bribe the girls for the following pictures. Breanne was afraid we would get caught and she was right. We were busted and I had to confess I came up with the locker picture idea. Thank goodness I am too old for detention!

Seriously? A pencil vending machine- I should have thought of this.
Please ignore Lucky's dog bed in the back round (yes he has own crib mattress and blankets). We invaded the man cave to play on the clavanova. It sounds like Rachel is saying "elmo" but she is really saying "piano" as she talks to the baby (herself) while we were filming. She loves Jake and the Neverland pirates and sings "YoHo". Maybe a girl pirate for Halloween this year? We are ending this post with a song and dance. Ignore her crazy baby hair too- with this heat advisory it is hard to keep it or mine under control.

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