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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Brace Fitting

This morning Rachel was seen at Hanger. She will be having twister cables added onto her AFOs. The de-rotation straps are not providing enough support for her legs. Rachel's legs have a tendency to rotate inwards from below her knees. This inward rotation is causing her to trip over her feet when she is trying to walk. We are very excited to the addition of the twister cables. The orthotist measured Rachel's waist while she was in 2 different positions. She has a 17 inch waist. The orthotist also measured the length of Rachel's legs. The twister cables will be added onto her current pair of AFOs. We go back in the beginning of September to have them added. We were warned that it will be 1.5 hours long to apply them.
Rachel waiting patiently at Hanger
Good view of how Rachel's feet like to rotate inwards
Bubble time!
Last week our family went to the county fair. We took advantage of wrist band day for the older girls to go on the rides. Both Breanne and Alicia braved it this year and went on the Zipper, Freak Out and the Ferris Wheel together. It was bitter sweet to see them ride together without needing mom or dad at their side.All was fun in the animal barns until a pig snorted at Rachel. She frequently pointed out to the wooden shavings in the animal pens and said "Mess". Rachel was able to identify a bunny, horse, cow, chicken, pig and goose. She had a little trouble remember what the sheep was.
Breanne and Alicia 
The girls had whispered to each other for a week about their plans to try to win a goldfish at the fair. The girls did very well and we are now the happy owners of 3 fair goldfish.
Rachel played her first fair game of picking out little ducks. She won a blue owl inflatable.
Breanne and Alicia on the Ferris Wheel

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