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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Will to Walk

This has been a busy week for Rachel and I. A busy but happy week. On our fetal surgery for spina bifida facebook group we also gave away 2 super hero masks.Our little spina bifida kiddos are true super heroes and defy the odds. The masks are also available to purchase at the Twice Born Boutique in infant, toddler and child sizes.
Here is Dryden's super hero mask.
Here is Miah's super hero mask.
 We also made a super hero mask for Darb. She is Rachel's runner from the I Run For organization. She has been working hard in Rachel's honor. Go Darb Go!
Here is Darb's super hero mask!
Here is Carter with his sister and the sword and eye patch from the pirate play set give away. They are both so cute!Carter is going to need to learn how to use that sword to chase the boys away from his sister!
Rachel giving her stuffed dog a kiss. She is so sweet!
Rachel standing tall. She is rearranging the front of our fridge. I have caught her swinging on the door handle of the fridge trying to get it open. It will only be a matter of time before she figures it out.
Rachel's physical therapist brought over a front facing walker this week for Rachel to try. She has been using it nonstop- as in she hasn't even touched her other two walkers since this one arrived. The problem is she wants to walk with it like her backward facing ones. During her therapy session we had to attach a soft pumpkin trick or treat basket to it and bribe her with candy into her basket. That worked for a while until she realized we were placing the same 2 suckers back in when she wasn't looking. Height wise this one is a little too tall for her yet but she likes it. It is easier for her to maneuver around the house with it. It can fold up and be brought with when we go places. Over all we both like it. In time she will use it in the right direction but for now I am just happy with her will to walk. She has also been doing a lot of bear crawling this week- this is where she crawls with both her arms and legs extended and not bent. Kind of like the yoga position- downward facing dog only crawling at the same time.

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