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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Post Op Cast Change at Shriners

Rachel was sedated yesterday for her first post op cast change. Her cast change occurred in the OR partly due to her age (wiggling, squirming, and toddler stubbornness could occur - which would make it difficult for the doctors to get her feet positioned well) and partly for the possibility of needing a surgical revision done. 

Getting a cuddle from her older sister Breanne before her procedure started.

Double checking her ID band was correct. When the preop nurse came close to Rachel for an assessment Rachel keep her mouth covered with her hand in case the nurse was bringing her some versed. Rachel throws up from the taste of versed (as evidenced by me being thrown up on the last two times she received it.) Instead of receiving oral versed we opted for an IM injection of it into Rachel's upper right thigh. She definetly has sensation there as she gave out a pretty good cry when she received it. 

A few moments later and the relaxation started to kick in. 

Ta da a new pair of purple casts. Rachel was blessed that Dr. Altiok and Dr. Andrew did a wonderful job on her surgery and she did not need any revisions and her incisions looked well. Our family was as delighted by this as I am sure her rockstar doctors were. While Rachel appears like a vision of peacefulness in the above picture I can attest to the fact that a few moments prior she was not.

When Rachel was woken up in the recovery room she immediately ripped out her IV, began pulling off all of the vital sign equipment, put her Tinkerbell dress back on (it was in the crib with her), tryed climbing out of the crib and demanding to walk out. Wow!!!! She was so angry I had to go back into the recovery area early with her. She refused to get back into the crib and would only lay in her wagon. She kept her temper tantrum up for a good 45 minutes before falling into a nice slumber. Rachel was all smiles and sweetness again when she woke up. Thank God for that or it would have been a very long ride home. On a very cool note Rachel's post procedure nurse on the inpatient unit also has spina bifida and was wonderful to talk with. 

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