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And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rainy Summer

We have had several rainy days and nights since school let out for summer break. This has made going outdoors with full leg casts off limits. This past Monday we went to Meg's softball game. Rachel likes cheering Meg on. I snuck away for a short time with Rachel to the play equipment.

Rachel scooted herself up and into the tunnel.

She loved being on the play equipment even with casts on.

Rachel and I on the swings. Too bad the special needs swing was broken at this park but it was clear to see why. There were a group of children playing that appeared to be in the 9-10 yr old range that were running and then jumping into the swing and climbing it to sit on top of the park swing set. With visions of broken arms from falling in the near future Rachel and I departed back to the softball diamond.

Meg and her team played a great game and won against the other team.

We went to Bartz's party supply and Rachel found a cowboy hat. Yes I had hidden that Cars sweatshirt but she somehow managed to find it. Rachel has a current obsession with wearing Cars themed clothing. 

Alicia tried on masquerade masks for an upcoming masquerade themed party that her and Breanne will be attending. 

The girls spent an afternoon on one of my friends' farm. Her goats are so cute!!!

The girls wanted to bring MooMoo home and keep her in the backyard. I had a hard time with MooMoo's need for a Kleenex. I do not think the neighbors would enjoy MooMoo's cowpies.

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