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And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Going for a Ride

I found Rachel a Radio Fl yer tricycle at our local Goodwill. I hesitated buying it at first in fear she would not be able to use it but I was suckered in by the price $1.99. You can't beat that and I figured if she wouldn't like it we could donate it back. As soon as I brought the tricycle into the house Rachel immediately tried to climb on it. She was able to get herself onto the seat but got one leg stuck underneath her. She grabbed the handlebars and was not letting go. After getting her legs situated we pushed Rachel around the house on her bike. She is just barely able to reach the pedals. I grabbed some Velcro pieces I had and Velcroed  her feet onto the pedals.
Rachel loved the tricycle so much we ended up spending the rest of the night helping her with her bike. Her feet would slid out of the velcro straps I put on the pedals. Grandpa Bill is busy engineering foot pedal extensions with strapping to keep her feet in place. We will share his plans once he is done.
Rachel and her daddy waiting for the Fourth of July parade to begin. Rachel enjoyed the parade and the fireworks at night. She kept us busy while we were waiting for the fireworks to begin. We brought with a small basket full of toys to keep her entertained. She would throw her toys off of the blanket and then look to see if you were watching before taking off at a high speed crawl for any nearby trees or other blankets. During the fireworks she would point to the sky and say "pretty". About half way through the fireworks she fell asleep.
Steve returned from his 3 week trip to Mexico. He had some great experiences and met new friends. The picture above and below  is from one of the mountain springs he visited while in Mexico.
We are glad he is back home and have been learning new Spanish words from him. Three weeks of managing the kids, Lucky, the house and work alone has given me a great respect for the single parents out there.

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