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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rising Up

Grandpa Bill finished making foot pedal risers for Rachel's tricycle. I added info on how he made them under the pages list on the right hand side of the this blog.
Rachel loves her tricycle. She doesn't have the leg strength yet to do a lot of pedaling but I am confident she will get there. With her feet strapped to the pedals when you push the tricycle her legs get a good workout and she is learning the movement of bicycling. Her physical therapist was able to see Rachel on her tricycle yesterday. She had stated that the motion of pedaling is a skill for ages 2.5 to 3 years old and that having strong hips for pedaling is good. 
Rachel has figured out how to get on her tricycle without getting her one leg stuck.

Rachel used a 3 lb weighted vest during therapy yesterday. She wasn't too big of a fan of the weighted vests and was trying to avoid standing up with it on as best as she could. I think we may have to break out the marshmallows for when she wears the weighted vest.
This is a design that I am found online from a tattoo artist. I am using it to paint a spina bifida mug at my Aunt Helen's house.
Design prior to adding ceramic paint.
With 2 layers of ceramic paint- I can't wait to see the results after it is fired in the kiln. I am working on ideas for the middle and  other side of the mug. I would love to stencil on Fetal Surgery for Spina Bifida at Vanderbilt June 7, 2011 in the center of the 2 designs. I think I may add the Spina Bifida daisy and yellow ribbon as the other design. I will paint the inside of the mug with the matching color of the cross. I will post pictures when complete. Thank you Aunt Helen for being a great teacher and giving my girls and I the opportunity to get creative!

I also want to say "Hi" to my Aunt Sue in Cedarburg! Rumor has it she is now able to get online and follow Rachel's blog. My Aunt Sue was also born with spina bifida and I would love for her to share her story with all of us. She too is a miracle!

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