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Monday, August 15, 2011



Rachel has established herself as the next fireball of our family. She definitely lets the NICU staff know when she doesn't like something. She pulled out her NG tube this morning- they did not replace it. Instead they are allowing her to eat larger amounts at an extended time period. This method seems to be working so far- she will eat about 2/3 of the amount they would like, then she falls asleep and they work to stimulate her to wake up and eat more. She was upped to 20ml per feeding and eats every 3 hours. I am not sure if it is a compliment or not to have the nurses tell you- your baby girl belches like a trucker. (must take after her Papa) I was skeptical that a 3 pounder could belch loudly until she did when I was burping her- it was as loud as my 11 and 9 year old would be!!!!!

She was seen by OT, PT and the orthopedic doctor today. She did well on her evals from the therapies- she even scored some items above her gestational age and scored like a regular 40 week newborn. She will begin to have regular sessions with the therapies to strengthen her legs. The orthopedic doctor was very hopeful that she would be able to walk with AFOs. They may start casting her next week and are still thinking about the best method to help with her hip dysplasia. The neurosurgeon gave the okay for her to be on her back but she seems to prefer to be on her sides and will work to reposition herself off of her back.

Steve and I are attending an infant CPR class on Wednesday. It has been inspiring to meet some of the other parents in the NICU and learn about their babies. So many miracles happening! It was hard being discharged today and having Rachel stay. I know she is in great hands and I have nothing but compliments for the entire NICU team (and my mom/baby staff that took care of me).

On the other bright side- it appears that UMR has finally worked out a contract with Vanderbilt for the surgery.

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