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Monday, August 29, 2011

So close to coming home but yet . . .


We are on a up and down roller coaster ride with Rachel's feedings. For the most part she is taking the majority of her feedings by mouth but not enough of them to come home yet. Her feedings were increased to 34 ml every 3 hours. We are getting close though and her nurse today stated they will be pulling out her NG tube tomorrow. She does better with her feedings if she is positioned on her side vs the traditional feeding position. The side position always her to control the amount she is receiving better and she does not seem as stressed out in this position. I will not complain though as this is the only real issue she has experienced since being born and it is an expected issue with preemies.

She was switched to Triple Paste for her red bottom and the Triple Paste is working better than the other creams they have tried. She is still emptying her bladder on her own.

She also continues not to mind wearing her Plavik brace (her German Tourist Outfit). I usually remove it while I am visiting to do skin checks on her, put a little lotion on and do some gentle ROM exercises on her feet before placing the brace back on. She appears to be ticklish on the backs of her upper legs- she will smile and raise up her shoulders and look like she is suppressing a giggle- too cute. Her physical therapist also works with her legs daily.

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