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Monday, August 15, 2011

NG Tube Placed


While Rachel has been feeding on her own- she is not taking in enough calories and has been losing weight. After talking with her nurse, I requested that a NG tube be placed to supplement the extra calories she needs. Rachel's nurse spoke with her doctor and they were in agreement. She has been taking in 12 ml at each feeding and they would like her to be at 20ml. She gets tired out from working so hard to eat that she falls asleep during her feedings. The plan is to continue to let her feed and whatever the difference in ml is at that feeding will be given to her via the NG tube. I have worked with adults who have had one so it was interesting to see one meant for a preemie. Rachel's nurse placed the NG tube and then she had an x-ray to double check the placement. Everything looks good at this time with the NG tube. Rachel was quite angry during the placement (not that I blame her) but calmed down immediately after it was placed.

I may also request that she placed in an incubator instead of the open crib she currently has. It takes up a lot of energy and calories for preemies to maintain their temperature. She has been maintaining hers but if we can make it easier for her- we should.

I have been enjoying holding her at night but will not be able to do that any more as I am discharging today and our rules for visiting in the NICU change after mom is discharged. Rachel does have a great staff caring for her in the NICU- it is amazing to see and listen to all the care that goes into the babies there.

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