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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Post Op Week 8 Appointment


The ultrasound image is of Rachel using the placenta as her personal fluffy pillow with her hands resting by her chin. She was asleep during this ultrasound also after being active during the drive to Children's Hospital. Her hair appeared to be longer. She was doing her breathing exercises and we saw her swallow amniotic fluid. Her bladder looked full. She continues to be in a breech position with her head by my right rib cage and her butt is tucked down low in the left side of my pelvis. Both of her ventricles stayed steady at 4mm. I believe at next week's ultrasound we will get measurements of her size but I am pretty confident in saying Rachel is alittle over 3 lbs currently. I had a dip in my amniotic fluid volume (11.3) from last week and the ultrasound tech was unable to visualize if there was a separation of membranes due to how low Rachel was sitting in my pelvis. My amniotic fluid volume is still within normal limits so we are not overly concerned at this point- if I notice any fluid leaking I will contact my MFM doc.

We took Breanne and Alicia with us to today's appointment and we met with the New Life coordinator. She helps interact with children that are about to be new big sisters/brothers. The girls were able to express how they felt about becoming big sisters and ask questions. They seem to be most concerned about where Rachel will be when she is born- the NICU. We will be taking the girls with to next week's appointment when we have tours of the NICU and other related areas. I think next week's appointment/tour will ease some of their anxiety.

Our health insurance company continues to be a "dirty" word. They are still denying our claims for the fetal surgery and after care even with evidence that "our St. Mary's network" can NOT met the needs of Rachel or me. They were suppose to be working out a contract with Vanderbilt and Froedert for our care but seem to be stalling or are just ignorant. Enough about that . . . .

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