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Monday, March 18, 2013

AFO's Take One

Last week Wednesday Rachel and I picked up her pair of AFO's  from Hanger. I was not too happy to find out that her ortho doc and the orthotist decided to make her night time AFO's instead of the daytime ones we had discussed. I think it would have been nice for one of them to have called us and talk about the change of plans. This pair of AFO's is to be worn during naps and at night time. The heel has extra padding to help prevent heel sores and they are also made to be extra long to accommodate growth and to prevent blankets and sheets from resting on the toes causing sores.
There are stickers inside each AFO to identify right verses left foot. I do like the butterfly pattern we picked out.
Her toes are to end around the bottom of the sticker. I think the length makes Rachel look like she has pixie elf feet.
Right foot- this view helps show the thickness of the padding inside the AFO.
Side view of the padded heel and some cute butterflies.
Rachel needs to wear special seamless socks in her AFO's to prevent pressure sores from wrinkled up socks or toe seams. Her insurance covered 3 pair. I saw on the back of the box that you can order them in different colors.
I didn't get a close of a view of the back of the box as I would have liked to. It has sizing guidelines for AFO and KAFO wearers. The company's website is www.knitrite.com.
Above is the wearing guidelines for beginning to wear AFO's. This guideline helps you identify problem (pressure) areas before they become a problem. Due to my work schedule we are starting out on day 1 tonight.

After receiving the AFO's we headed upstairs to see Rachel's ortho doc. I expressed my concerns regarding having only night AFO's. I asked what the plan was for her feet due to her standing and attempting to take steps. He then ordered a pair of daytime AFO's to be made. We headed back downstairs to Hanger and Rachel was fitted for her daytime AFO's. This pair will take 2-3 weeks to make and will have the same butterfly pattern.

Rachel climbed our flight of stairs two times in a row yesterday. The second time she seamed to have picked up some speed.

Our Brady Steps shirt came in the mail on Saturday. I love it! So does Breanne who stated she was going to wear it to her middle school to help support  Brady. So sweet!

Breanne and Rachel sharing some sister time.

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