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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Swim Lesson Number 3

Last night Rachel attended her third swim lesson. She is sooooo happy in the water. She chatters the whole time and laughs. Last week her sister Breanne and I laughed because Rachel would squeal at the male lifeguards at the Y. I thought it was just a thing for that day that she was doing but no last night she did it again. It reminded of when I was a teenager and loved the tv show Baywatch (minus David Hassellhoff -too old). Rachel is going to need to make a tee shirt on Zazzle that says "I heart lifeguards".


We had a new baby girl join the swim class last night. She was cute! We began by spreading the pool toys in the water and having them dig with their hands. We did this for quite awhile. Then we sang BINGO and with each missing letter you could either slap the water with your hand or blow bubbles in the water. Rachel was not into slapping the water and opted for blowing bubbles. We then sang another song about a pancake. (sorry I do not know the name) During the pancake song you place the baby on their back onto your chest and then flip them onto their stomach at the end of the song. Rachel enjoyed this. We then practiced kicking both on their backs and on their stomach. Last night was Rachel's best kicking night on her back. She really had some rhythm going. It is so great to see her getting stronger. It maybe alittle at a time but it is such a good feeling. Makes you really stop and appreciate. We then practiced sitting on the side of the pool and doing the 1,2,3 Go! Rachel likes this too! It did not take her long to understand the word "Go" as she now shouts it at us if we do not do as she wants. (We have also been utilizing the 1,2,3 Go such as when waiting to be lifted out of her highchair and other times when she needs to wait for safety). We then had the babies dig and kick some more to pick up all of the pool toys. Rachel is becoming good at this and I think it is time she learns to pick up toys at home. We ended the swimming lesson by playing with fish shaped watering cans- watching the bubbles come out of the cans when then filled and pouring them on ourselves and back into the pool.

Alicia was happy with her swim class last night also- her instructor offered any on them to jump off the diving board and he would be there to help them once they were in the water. She was the only one in her class to do it and she was quite proud about that.


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