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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Steps and Standing

Rachel and her mama!
Rachel has been back working hard in physical therapy since her nonweight baring status had been removed. She has cute pink baby knee immobilizers to help stabilize her legs while standing. After this last set of casts her legs are weak and remind me of cooked spaghetti noodles- her knees like to buckle.She is sitting on the Playschool Bounce N Ride. It makes silly sounds when she tries to sit up and down on it. One of the tricks we do is to roll it forward and it pulls Rachel into a standing position. Another trick is she stands with assistance in front of it and holds onto the handle bar and pushes it back and forth in front of herself. Both moves help to strengthen her hip muscles.
Rachel has a hard time pulling her feet under herself into the correct position for standing. She is working on saying "help up". When assisted up to stand she does a pretty good job keeping herself up. She moves her booty up and down and bounces on her legs. With her physical therapist holding her  hands Rachel was able to take some big wobbly baby steps. It was great to see and Rachel squealed with happiness when she did it.
Another view of the pink baby immobilizers.

Rachel working on her computer. As you can see from her pictures she has both the Leapfrog and Vtech baby laptops. She is crazy about baby laptops and keyboards. I was excited to find the Vtech one in excellent condition at the Goodwill for $3. What a bargain and she loves it! For her age group 18 months I highly recommend the Leapfrog one. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by the laptop love giving her Daddy's and Grandma's history. The thing I love about them is she gets absorbed by checking them out and doesn't realize she doing her physical therapy at the same time.
Two of her other favorite things- Elly and her car. Rachel will close the door on the car when you try to take her back out of it. Love it! We push her around the house in it while we are waiting for warmer weather. I like to play the Low Rider song for her when we are going around the house.

Rachel also says "Thank you Auntie JoJo for watching me!"

Tonight Rachel is starting her baby "shrimp" swim lessons. So excited! Pictures to come if they allow us to take any.

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