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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swim Lessons Class 1

Rachel had her first swim lesson yesterday at our local YMCA. She is in a small class with just 2 other boys. Class one is all about getting used to the water. We began by singing a song about "Who came to swim today" and introduced our child's name while bouncing them up and down in the water. Next we sang and did motions in the water with our hands to the "Wheels on the Bus". Rachel's favorite part of the lesson is when all the little pool toys were dumped in the water. During this she had to be horizontal in the water and reach forward for the toys. After grabbing a toy she was then put back into a vertical position in the water and repeated until she had more than her fill of toys. She was fond of the little rubber duckies and would hug them and put them up to my lips to give them kisses. Next the little ones were placed sitting up on the side of the pool and we would count 1,2,3 Go and then lift them into the pool- with doing this we are teaching them they need to wait before getting into the water. We did another song (I forgot what it was) while placing our baby's back onto our chest and encouraging them to kick the water. Rachel was not so cooperative during this part. She just wanted to be on her tummy in the water catching toys. While she was on her tummy though she did kick and was putting her face in the water trying to blow bubbles. The swim lesson was ended by having all the babies help place the toys back into the toy box. Rachel had other ideas on this one- she wouldn't put her toys away and would try to take more out of the box. Sigh! Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring her some rubber duckies (she doesn't have any). I didn't get any pictures of the swim lesson- kind of hard to be the camera man and be in the pool with Rachel at the same time.

Alicia and Rachel playing before leaving for swim lessons. Alicia also had her first swim class. She was mad that she had to go into the Family Adventure pool with the "little" kids but I liked it because we were able to watch her from a distance without her knowing. She did well and I think she will be swimming on her own in no time. I know Alicia gets frustrated easily when it comes to athletic items because it is harder for her and for her older sister Breanne it all comes naturally with ease. Makes me think of the Brady Bunch "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia".
Rachel practicing kicking while waiting for the rest of us to get ready.
Posing for the camera. She understands what putting her swim suit on means. Once we put her other clothes on top she was banging on the sun room door to leave. Too cute!

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